The 11th International Conference on Nonlinear Mathematics and Physics (NoLineal 2018) will be held in Málaga (Spain), 12-15th June, 2018. This series of conferences were previously held in Ávila (1997), Almagro (2000), Cuenca (2002), Toledo (2004), Ciudad Real (2007), Barcelona (2008), Cartagena (2010), Zaragoza (2012), Badajoz (2014), Sevilla (2016).

The aim of this conference is to offer senior and young researchers of different areas related to nonlinear sciences, such as Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Economics, Social Sciences, etc, the possibility to share their latest results in this interdisciplinary meeting.

This international conference is open to researchers from all around the world. All lectures will be given by leading scientists. Participants are strongly encouraged to present and discuss their own research, especially during oral and poster sessions.

The congress will take place at Escuela de Ingenierías Industriales, Campus de Teatinos, Universidad de Málaga.